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Sonny92 This is a genuine hybrid of doom and black that both makes the doom feel more aggressive and the blackness more earthy. Then, woven about this black/doom chimera, are influences of shamanic ritualism and psychedelia that allows for a truly unique doom experience. Additional kudos for recording the album live in the studio - how many bands would dare to do that these days? Favorite track: March through Ruins.
Dave Aftandilian
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Dave Aftandilian Ritual blackened doom for the long dark night of the soul. The mountain speaks, guttural rumblings rolling to earth, while giants stride amongst us, uprooted tree people gamboling, limbs akimbo. Stars wheel crazily in the purple sky, come to join the celebration. Cities crumble; temples fall to ruin. The weak many watch cringing from the shadows, their eyes wide with fear. But one steps forth, sheds his skin, begins an ecstatic dance amidst the ash and bones.
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Hex 12:55
Earth, i call you - be with me tonight, embrace me with strength water, i invoke you - cold and clear, surround me with energy spirit of fire - i summon you, give me your pain and light me wind! hark! - whirling and howling, arising storm - carry me - carry me! night of arkane fire prophecies of doom inside the witches´ circle entranced i carve the runes too long, they´ve thrown stones into my silent water too long, they´ve sown their seed into my soil and far too long I stood, watching their shadows grow my curse is born in water my curse is born in soil too long they tried to erase the blaze of a fervent past too long winds carried words from distant shores and far too long I stood benumbed in their light my curse is born in fire my curse is born in storm axetime , swordtime - woven are all threads of fate stormtime, wolftime - my nailship sails.. heading south...
i am the wound that causes death i exhale the smoke that chokes your breath i bear the blade i cut the throats of the three headed snake father, son and ghost i set the fire your lies burn in flames no one will remember or speak thy name again! non pacem sed gladium
last sword`s been drawn last skull`s been crushed last blood`s been shed and last battle`s been fought last temple`s been burned last icon`s been smashed last shrine`s been trampled and last grain of hope´s been erased smoldering ruins are watching me as if to ask, is it over yet? My steps so softly on a bed of bones as I march through what is left – alone the three - headed snake lies in silence nowhere left to go, nothing left to burn as the fires are gone – to my kingdom - I return


Historically, Animist is the world’s oldest religious belief – predating all forms of organized religion – and contains the oldest spiritual and supernatural perspective in the world. Combining atmospheric black metal and doom with the psychedelic experiences of desert rock and jazz fusion, WERIAN craft a stellar introduction using themes of shamanism, lycanthropy, and consciousness.

Recorded in a live setting at Nürnberg’s Tonstudio Katzer (Venenum), Animist is a gorgeous display of three harrowing tracks using only analog devices and was meant to sound as pure and organic as possible. The album’s unique black-and-white hand-drawn cover art was inked by Chadwick St. John (Grafvitnir, Svartsyn, Arckanum, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation), who also contributed intros to the album's emanations.


released February 22, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tonstudio-Katzer/Nürnberg 2018.
Music by Werian. Introductions of Blade of Heresy and March through Ruins by Chadwick St. John. Lyrics of Hex and Blade of Heresy by Werian,
March through Ruins by Werian and R. Zechmeister
All artwork by Chadwick St. John / Inkshadows.
Layout by Tryfar (CD/LP) and Martin van Valkenstijn (Tape)


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